Subsea Needle Valves

Oliver Valvetek Limited manufactures a range of 'small bore' subsea needle valves, from 0.25" [6mm] bore to 1.00" [25mm] bore. These needle valves typically have an operating pressure rating up to 15,000psi [1035 bar] and a operating temperature range of -20F[-29C] to +350F[+177C]. Typical water depth rating 10,000ft [3050m].

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Oliver Valvetek manufacture Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty and Standard Duty Needle Valves for subsea use.

Subsea Needle Valves are commonly used to provide a metal to metal seating isolation solution without having to resort to the more complex and expensive gate valves. The valves are typically used on Christmas trees to isolate downhole safety valve lines and gasket test lines.

Oliver Valvetek provide a range of small bore needle valves in bodies with flanged, threaded and welded end connections to suit all applications.

The designs include ones suitable for diver operation and for low torque and high torque ROV tool operation. The small bore subsea needle valves are qualified at different pressure ratings up to 1035 bar (15,000psi) and are suitable for water depths to 3050m (10,000ft). Qualification testing is performed to the exacting standards of API 6A and 17D.


The needle valves can be supplied with a number of different operators including Tee Bars and Cross Bars for diver operation or different shaped adaptors for connection to extension rods for ROV operation.

Operating Threads

The range of subsea needle valves include both low torque multi-turn designs and medium torque partial turn designs.

Anti-Blowout Spindle

Each size of needle valve has a spindle designed for maximum torsional (Torque to Damage) strength and has a backseat to provide an anti-blowout safety feature.

Environmental Seals

All needle valves have seals to prevent the ingress of seawater. These have been tested to water depths equivalent to 10,000 feet (3050m).

Gland Seals

The gland seal within each needle valve has been designed with a spring energised lower seal to prove dynamic adjustment of the packing gland seal in response to pressure changes. This feature ensures leak free spindle sealing with no requirement for adjustment.

Non-Rotating Tip

Each needle valve design has a non rotating, self-centring, antigalling spindle tip, which gives positive bubble tight shut-off.

Seal Housing or Bonnet

The range of subsea needle valves contain a seal housing which is either threaded or bolted design. In the case of the threaded seal housing designs these are provided with locking rings, which eliminate unauthorised removal of the bonnet assembly.

Traceability of Materials

All the components within an Oliver subsea needle valve have material traceability. The needle valve body, tip, spindle, seal housing are manufactured as standard to API 6A PSL3. The complete needle valves are individually serialised and are provided with material and pressure test certificates to BS EN 10204 3.1 certification and optional EN 10204 with intent of 3.2 type certification option is also readily available (EN 10204 3.2 true mill witnessed shall be assessed for availability upon request).

Subsea Needle Valve Specifications
PSI Ratings Up to 15,000 PSI [1035 bar]
Water Depths Tested up to 10,000 ft
Temperature Ratings -20F to +350F/ -29C to 177C
Materials Available in API Material Classes FF and HH to NACE MR-01-75 latest revision.
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