Trunnion Ball Valve DBB - Compact Design

Our compact style Double Block & Bleed Valve is designed with an overall length in accordance with ASME B16:10, or shortest possible face to face dimension. The single piece body design reduces potential leak paths and ensures weight and space can be kept to an absolute minimum. Available in both full and reduced bore sizes.

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Available in ASME B16.10 standard length (CSL) up to 10" full bore and 12" reduced bore.

Also available to Oliver standard lengths (COSL)

Trunnion mounted design from 2" to 16"

Studded flanged pipeline connections in accordance with ASME B16.5

Integral vent valve with both threaded and flanged bleed connections available

AMSE B16.10 overall length

Allows the replacement of single isolate ball valves with the increased safety of true double isolation, without the need for expensive pipework modifications.

Single Piece Body

The single piece body with threaded end inserts provides the most compact overall length and reduces potential leak points to an absolute minimum.

Full Through Bore

Valves are available with full bore sizes in accordance with API 6D, ensuring maximum flow for increased production rates and allowing pigging of the pipe line.

Non-Intrusive Trunnion Plate

The integral trunnion plate design further reduces leak paths through the valve body.

Multiple Bleed Valve Options

Various bleed valve options and connections are available in line with customer requirements.


Compact DBB Valve Specifications:
Pressure Rating ASME Class 150 to 2500, API 6A up to 5000 API
Temperature Range -50 deg c to 200 deg C, high temperature option up to 315 deg C available
Design Standards ASME B16.10, ASME B16.34, API 6D, ASME VIII, ASME B16.5
Firesafe Standards API 607, API6FA, ISO 10497
Seat Materials Soft Seats: Devlon, PEEK, PTFE & Metal Seats: Tungsten Carbide and Chrome Carbide
Optional Features Seat and Stem Injection Points; Ball Cavity Drain and Vent Ports; Double Piston Effect (DPE) Seats; PTFE Lip Seals
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