Oliver Valves - our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

People creating positive change with valve solutions in the global energy business.

Our Mission

1. Safety

To keep our company as risk free as possible in our every business decision.

2. Delivery

When we make a commitment to our colleagues, our customers or our suppliers, we deliver on that commitment. We must not let people down. Remember "it can be done."

3. Relationships

To build strong relationships, built on trust and respect for all our team members, customers and suppliers. Praise is positive.

4. Innovation

The future is here now. Change is constant. Embrace new ideas and ways of operation.

5. Improvement

Everyone tries hard. But we can improve every day. Let's keep stretching our business and ourselves. It is said "pursuing is the reason for living."

Our Values

Treat people how we like to be treated and ask more than tell. These ideas are at the heart of our Values;

  •     There is one team... the Oliver team
  •     Trust and respect one another
  •     Do our very best, always
  •     Support one another and praise more than criticise
  •     Ask more than tell and share knowledge so it can be used
  •     Enjoy work and celebrate success


These are the things we have got to do really well, every day.